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Эта колода одна из самых популярных на ArkhamDB. Используется для прохождения сценариев базовой версии при игре в одиночку (автор AegriSomnia). Описание дано в оригинальном виде на английском языке.


She's fiery. She's confident. She's resourceful. She's Jenny Barnes, and she will break your campaign.

I wanted to create a deck that could survive the riggers of the full campaign in solo mode. I had no idea just how well it would perform. It not only crushes in the solo campaign (I've played through Blood on the Alter plus the two side-scenarios), but it also becomes the bedrock of clutch play in multiplayer campaign. I hope you try out the deck, and I look forward to your comments.

Why Jenny?

My overall strategy for this deck was to try and create consistency in a variety of situations. The character class system (combined with deck building restrictions) was intentionally designed to impose efficiency limitations on players – punishing players who ignore their weaknesses and rewarding players for collaborating their strengths (i.e. No one should be good at everything!). However, this is where JB stands out, and why I believe she breaks the game. Stat-wise, JB doesn't posses any particular strength, but with 3's across the board she has no particular weakness either. 8 health and 7 sanity to boot. The Rogue class does, however, excel at mobility: escaping/exhausting enemies and revealing locations to progress the game. Unlike "Skids" O'Toole, she has access to L0 Mystic, Seeker, Survivor, AND Guardian cards. At first glance, Searching for Izzie looks like one of the more problematic of the long-term weaknesses, but of all the character-specific weaknesses, it is actually one of the most manageable. More importantly, Searching for Izzy doesn't directly interfere with your ability to favorably resolve the scenario like Cover Up or Rex's Curse do. Rogue cards like Liquid Courage are ready to help if you do get into Izzy trouble.

Key Cards and The Strategy

Your end goal is to get these cards on the table (mulligan if you don't see at least 1 them): Arcane Studies, Hard Knocks, and Leo De Luca. Can you see it now? Most investigators simply cannot afford (or even have access to) the absolutely broken combination of Hard Knocks and Arcane Studies. Lone Wolf combined with JB's resource ability kicks the combination into overdrive. Lone Wolf is exponentially more powerful in solo-mode, but even in multiplayer, your mission is to reach out into new locations and boldly face new threats head-on, so Lone Wolf is still worth getting out asap. Leo De Luca pushes JB over the edge, transforming you into the most versatile, most productive player in the game. LDL helps you deal with troublesome action penalties like Chronophobia and Searching for Izzie too.

Very early scenarios: "Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge"

The first scenario you play will likely be your most challenging, because you won't have access to extremely important Rogue cards for the long-term success of this deck like upgraded Switchblades. Use your agility and bob and weave enemies while building up resources, and strike only when you're sure it will count.

I STRONGLY recommend you spend the experience needed to purchase Adaptable and upgrade both Knives into 2x L2 Switchblades. Until then, Prepared for the Worst will help you get Jenny's Twin .45s out consistently. Dynamite Blast and Backstab don't require hand slots to deal big damage, and Bandolier is purely a late game card to help you keep Flashlight or any other important hand slot cards on the table without having to ditch your Twin .45's (it can also take a point of damage if needed).

Lastly, you're skill cards help you in the early game with card draw as much as they ease the burden that HK and AS put on your resource supply.

Upgrade Advice -- When the fourth scenario begins, if you have purchased the following cards, then you are golden: 1x Adaptable; 2x L2 Switchblade; 1x Cat Burglar; and 1x Charisma.