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Эта колода одна из самых популярных на ArkhamDB. Используется для прохождения сценариев базовой версии при игре в одиночку (автор AegriSomnia). Описание дано в оригинальном виде на английском языке.

This is the deck I use when I play solo with Daisy through the core set scenarios. I would like to note that this is using two core sets, as it's the only way to play with a fully optimized deck. It should probably go without saying that Daisy is the strongest investigator at, well, investigating! Her special ability to use a tome as a free action is easily one of the strongest in the game in my opinion. Old Book of Lore is already nuts, but the fact it doesn't cost an actual actions makes it that much more bonkers, and later on Encyclopedia also leverages this absurdity. You tend to progress fairly quickly through the scenarios thanks to the highest intelligence stat in the game on top of all the synergies with accumulating extra clues. I think Dr. Milan Christopher and Old Book of Lore are two core cards you want out as early as possible every time and I often hard mulligan for either(Old Book of Lore is priority #1 in my book, I'll take Research Librarian if I can to get it early as well). After you set up Old Book of Lore, you can start filtering your deck for cards that you need. I tend to try and pick up a Scrying early if I can, so you aren't surprised by the encounter deck. In solo, Scrying is definitely at it's strongest as it lets you see three rounds in advance for one action and adjust them accordingly. Next priority is Shrivelling, especially in the first scenario as you'll definitely need to see at least one if you want to beat it. I think Ward of Protection is an INCREDIBLE anti-BS card. See a Grasping Hands that you don't have Manual Dexterity for? Just cancel it. See that Umôrdhoth's Wrath coming up? Cancelled, br0. Medical Texts is a pretty important 1-of in my opinion, as it's the only way you can heal damage and if you haven't noticed, you don't have a ton of health when playing Daisy. Deduction and Working a Hunch are SO strong for gaining clues quickly, and Fearless is mostly nice to commit when casting spells. Manual Dexterity is a must in my opinion. You'll never be fighting enemies using your actual fight, so having an out if you need to evade an enemy or for some of the tougher encounter treacheries is REALLY important. Mind over Matter serves a similar purpose. I normally use this to evade enemies, although sometimes beating down enemies with one health is an okay use of this card.

I don't run Flashlight and I know that may seem weird to some people, but I guess I just feel like I don't need it. Already having a 5 intelligence is pretty strong and lets you investigate at better than equal on every location. The +1 from Milan and +1 from Magnifying Glass puts you at 7 which for most locations means that only the -4 or the auto fail will give you any trouble to investigate pretty much ever(assuming you're playing on standard). Barricade is a somewhat useful card that I find myself not really interested in playing most of the time, especially after the first scenario as you have some much better tools to fight with after you get a little experience. Holy Rosary is the other card that people might find a strange inclusion, but really Daisy has nothing to take up the necklace slot until you draft Disc of Itzamna and I enjoy the +1 willpower that it provides to help me cast spells. I know you're never gonna go insane with this investigator basically, and this is one of the first cards to cut when upgrading. Also, I don't like running Hyperawareness or Arcane Studies. I just find them to be a little bit too slow and most of the time I'm not particularly abundant on resources, even with Milan.

When going to upgrade, Blinding Light is my first priority. I'll typically have around 6 or so experience after the first scenario and it only costs two. Next I want to get at least one Encyclopedia, then focus on getting two Disc of Itzamna in my deck when I can. Lastly, any extra experience I'll spend to upgrade one Magnifying Glass and cut the other. After the second scenario depending on how well I did I'll normally draft two Cryptic Research and maybe one Mind Wipe if I feel like it. I'll typically cut one Magnifying Glass and Holy Rosary first, followed by one Old Book of Lore once I'm drafting Cryptic Research and one Mind over Matter.

Daisy very much reminds me of a control deck. She tutors/draws lots of cards, cancels/controls cards in the encounter deck, investigates like a bo$$, and fights enemies in a very non-conventional way. It's not a very straightforward deck to play in concept and it feels like there's plenty of room to make meaningful decisions when playing her. If you enjoy any of that or simply enjoy the concept of some clean cut, innocent looking young librarian laying waste to her foes with her immense mental prowess, than I think Daisy Walker is for you!

Hope you enjoy my take on Solo Daisy! Cheers!

Edit: Here are some updates I made to the list. -2 Fearless, -2 Manual Dexterity, -1 Medical Texts, -2 Working a Hunch, +1 Painkillers, +2 Guts, +2 Unexpected Courage, +2 "I've got a plan!". When upgrading I start by upgrading Blinding Light still, then acquiring Higher Education, and I look to grab at least 1x Song of the Dead, maybe two depending on the campaign, although I do enjoy grabbing at least 1 Encyclopedia as well. Deduction is my next upgrade typically(although sometimes I will do this before Song of the Dead depending on which campaign I'm playing), with Emergency Cache always being nice to swap to as well. I'll upgrade to one Magnifying Glass and cut the other once I'm ready to start drafting Disc of Itzamna and Cryptic Research. I also typically get rid of at least one if not both Mind over Matter before the final scenario. I think you'll find this helps streamline the deck a little more and offers some better options to what was being run previously.